We are Denktaktik – a full-service digital & creative agency that develops bold brands and makes sure they are seen.

About us

From thinking and tactics 

Let’s face it: What really works are not put-on slogans, but authentic messages. Materialising your self, your values and your ideas in language, content and design is the job. Let us help you tell your best story.

Whether your story is borne of courage and audacity or level-headed and quiet, depending on your personality, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is unique, memorable and recognisable

How we act

From me to the message

Our goal is to develop creative and effective solutions that express your uniqueness and specialness in every facet.

We do this particularly well and gladly with:

  • Consulting and project support
  • Strategy and brand development
  • Web design
  • Customer experience management
  • Social media marketing
  • Corporate Podcasting


We are pragmatic visionaries and tactical thinkers

We would reliably fail at the request “Be creative now! Experience from many projects has taught us, however, that creativity is a product of clarity about the goal as well as the relationships within the team and among each other. And a lot of joy in the job and freedom in thinking.

How much exactly our healthy and active lifestyle, our basic curiosity about everything and everyone and our friends and families have contributed to our success, we don’t know. But just imagine the sound when you clap one hand.

Mag. Simone Wesiak
Managing Director, Brand and Content Manager

DI Markus Liebeg, BSc. 
Managing Director, Senior Consultant

DI (FH) Nicole Riedrich, Bakk. 
Graphic Design & Podcast

Lili Gregor
Graphic Design & Social Media


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